Tyris Bell

Tyris Bell

General Manager

In 2013 Darnell asked me to join him and start a restaurant both as an investor as well as in business development and management, due to my background at managing people and resources.

I knew I could run a restaurant. I have a cooking background; I took culinary arts for 3 years in high school. Darnell and I had the same culinary arts teacher.

I worked in the at the Marriott and BJ Market as a cook when I was younger. However I felt like moving into business administration was the right move for my future.

I left the service industry and I joined Menards as a flooring manager for over 8 years. There, I developed a great business acumen and developed my branch to rank in the top 20 of over 300 locations.

Today, I am an entrepreneur, a real estate investor and proud father of two boys and a lovely girl.